Ministers Message

Enduring Faith!

Job 1:8
Job was a man of Strong and enduring faith! his life was a tale of faithfulness rewarded, tragedy Afforded, and that which he once had God restored it.

In the 8th verse of Job chapter one God called Job his Servant, this was an honor which put Job into the same company as Moses and David (Num 12:7-8, 2 Sam 7:5). This positions is an earned position which implements the fact that there must be something within the individual that qualifies them to receive such an honorable title, This thing is an enduring Faith! believing is not enough by itself. enduring means something continuing and Long-lasting.

Jobs Faith had it not been both continuing and Longlasting it would have perhaps extinguished during the trial period of his life. are you equipted with enduring faith? has your faith carried you through some tough or challenging times keeping you faithful and committed during seeming impossible times. do you qualify to be called a servant of the most high? Can God rely on you to represent well during your darkest moments? If not why Not? our faith is a testimony that proves our belief and commitment in the object or subject of our faith. 


Evangelist Luke Myles Sr.