About Us

Our Mission Statement

"To magnify God together by maintaining an atmosphere whereby we are enlightened, encouraged and equipped for ministry through evangelism, education and edification."

About Us
We are The Far West/Van Buren Church of Christ, On the 28th of June 2009 We Celebrated Fifty years in Service to Chicago and the North Lawndale Community on the West Side of The City.
We Are Not Your traditional Congregation, But rather we are a body of Believers who has been Taught and nurtured by One of Gods Great Man Servant The Late Great Evangelist Bro Mark Myles Sr Our Seeding Evangelist.
Bro Myles often reminded us of the Holy Scriptures. Proverbs 4:7/Colossians 2:8;  Gives us the Understanding that We are not to be Given to knowledge Only, But Rather to act on those things that we have received of the Lord Through the written word that is inclusive of the apostles Doctrines as well as those things the Holy Spirit reveals.
*We Believe In One Lord One Faith And One Baptism,                                                  
*We Believe In one Body Eph4:4,5.                                                                            
*We Believe Christ is the Head Of the Church Ephesians 5:23,                                     
*We Also Believe That the Church Does And Should Wear Christ' Name Romans 6:4,


Far West had it's humbled beginnings as The Van Buren congregation in 1959, as the assignment  and seed work of the Late Great Ministerial Servant  Evangelist Bro. Mark Myles Sr.

Bro Myles along side of some faithful and courageous Belivers which was inclusive of His Loving and God fearing Bride "Dr. Opear R. Myles, and his four Children and mother began the legacy of one of Gods great congregations. The Late Great Levi Kennedy Jr. preached the first sermon on June 28th 1959.

Far West was one of the fastest growing congregations in chicago at the time, Bro Myles has always had a fondness for young people, Bro. Myles has been instrumental in developing several Preachers and Ministers and church leaders Making contributions in their lives in many different ways, in this Number were the Likes of C.L Harper (seeding evangelist of the Maypole ave Church), Bro McMillian, James Huff, His three Sons Mark Myles II, Luke Myles Sr ( current Minister) Matthew Myles Sr, John Thomas, Clarence Doggan, Douglas Banks, Raymond Myles Sr, Wayne Myles Sr, David C. Penn, and countless others, Several of whom are household names in the city of Chicago and throughout our vast brotherhood. Working deligently with communities all across our nation!

We have been a visible force in our community, often feeding and caring for our community's through coat and cloths drives, Soup lines of which were funded out of our own pockets, We held community fairs and nursing home visits and many other out reach programs.

Far West has been blessed over the years with Some powerful singers be it in Worship or Choir setting in the city of Chicago even up unto this very day, Just to name a Few Lead Singers Dora Louis Newson,Dorthey White Howard, Shirley Smith Thompson, Patricia Myles Bibbs,Elain Myles Hinton, Ruben Locke II, Tyrone Newson, Matthew Myles Sr, Luke Myles Jr just to name a few the list is just to vast to name all of them, God knows we have had our share!

The Record for Far West is deep and rich in History and by Gods providence the record isn't finished YET! We thank God for allowing us through our worship and praise and Works to serve him while lifting up Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit.